MAGA has one move

MAGA always doubles down, no matter what. They double down so much that the compulsive gambler’s term is now part of everybody’s vocabulary in this great land. Doubling down is their signature move, since they never back down or reconsider any position, although they change public positions quite nimbly because they’re “transactional” like their fearsome leader.

When MAGA was in the White House and had the bully pulpit, which they took quite literally, their other signature move was to angrily accuse others of the same malice and self-dealing corrupt intent that they had, and then to double down on the attacks. The DOJ under Sessions and then, to an even greater extent, under Barr, was weaponized to protect F POTUS’s friends and intimidate his enemies. They did this quite publicly. Now, of course, they accuse the current Department of Justice of having been weaponized by radical leftists, like AG Merrick Garland.

As their mad leader was being forced from office by majoritarian tyranny, (another thing they hate in MAGA world), Mitch McConnell made sure to ram through a few last Federalist Society judges. One he got appointed after F POTUS lost reelection was the extremist who’d sit on the federal bench in F POTUS’s new district when he relocated to South Florida.

I suppose Aileen Cannon, a lawyer with no experience as a judge, was chosen specifically for her Federalist Society orthodoxy, brazenness and willingness to do whatever fucking F POTUS might need her to do in the future. So far, so good.

She doubled down yesterday on her completely unsupportable ruling in Donald J. Trump v United States, a hare-brained civil suit Trump brought to block prosecutors from investigating his criminal acts in relation to stolen government property, much of it classified and very valuable/dangerous. She also halted the FBI’s review of illegally retained classified and top secret documents found five weeks ago pursuant to a legal search warrant.

Canon doubled down yesterday, as if nothing was wrong with her first decision, although it was mocked and harshly criticized by lawyers of every political orientation. (“Did they not also mock our Lord and Savior?” she’s probably thinking — the Federalist Society cult is dominated by extreme right wing Catholics.)

Yes, she notes, the government argues that they classified the materials that F POTUS illegally took, but you can’t trust the government, and their extreme bias against F POTUS is well-known! So-called National Security means nothing compared to the reputation of one of the greatest of American brands.

She has surely consulted with experienced judges and lawyers in her cult. She knows that federal trial court judges are given great deference in the finding of fact. She also knows that the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, where she sits, has a majority of judges also appointed by F POTUS. Clarence Thomas, naturally, oversees the 11th Circuit. So why not roll the goddamn dice, she figures, what better way to get to the top of the short list to join Amy Coney Barrett and her fellow frat members on the highest court of the most powerful country in the world?

And it’s not as if anything in her extreme opinion could lead to her impeachment from her lifetime post. It’s called a judicial opinion, asshole, so sue me! Oh, right, you can’t sue me for my opinion as a federal judge since we are presumed to act in good faith and you won’t be able to show corrupt intent or any kind of quid pro quo. Even if you could, we’d just double down. It’s not like you can prove that I deliberately aided the president in his transparent obstruction of justice attempt . Y’all have a blessed day!

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