Big Lie equals Big Grift

The most successful business venture Donald Trump has ever launched, with a 500% return on investment [1], that is, investing the initial money obtained in the grift and having it grow five fold, was monetizing the infuriating white lie that a powerful bipartisan cabal of pedophile cannibals and RINOs illegally deprived him of rightful reelection in 2020.

We now know that the DOJ is investigating this scam. 40 key players in the grift have recently been subpoenaed, a few have had phones seized. The DOJ is apparently not fooling around.

But what should not be overlooked is that F POTUS has proved that his genius is in mass marketing. He should be given kudos for that, along with his criminal indictment.

Greg Sargent writing in today’s Washington Post:

But the Times also reports this:
For months, associates of Mr. Trump have received subpoenas related to other aspects of the investigations into his efforts to cling to power. But in a new line of inquiry, some of the latest subpoenas focus on the activities of the Save America political action committee, the main political fund-raising conduit for Mr. Trump since he left office.
The Associated Press adds more, reporting that subpoenas have been issued to seek “information about the political action committee’s fundraising practices.”
This is of interest because the Save America PAC’s “fundraising practices” seem to represent the moment when the “big lie” monetized itself into the “big grift” in spectacular fashion.

[1] I base this profit margin on the uncontradicted statement by Eric Swalwell, at F POTUS’s second impeachment trial, that the Trump campaign spent $50 million dollars on advertising the lie that the election had been stolen. That 50 million investment resulted in an estimated 250 million fund. Not bad, Trumpie!

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