Propaganda 101

You take a political disaster for your side — say your man has illegally taken classified documents, some very sensitive, after leaving the White House, and they caught him lying about it, they have the actual evidence.   Say he also has hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due.  Say he also has a lifelong history of being transactional, doing anything to profit himself at the expense of suckers.   Somebody ratted to the FBI on him that he hadn’t returned all the classified documents his lawyers swore he turned over a month after the subpoena for the remainder of the documents.  Suppose empty top secret document folders were seized in a legal search, along with a hundred other unreturned classified documents.  The FBI search and seizure confirmed the probable cause that he had retained the illegally taken material.

Here’s what you do.  1) put the shoe on the other foot — why did the FBI take personal, private stuff that was mixed in with the classified documents?   That’s his stuff — why did the FBI seize HIS STUFF?   Explain that, FBI! DOJ!

2) the claims his lawyers came up with in federal court have never been litigated before, so you see, there are many complex legal issues that a team of genius lawyers has raised for the first time that will take a long time to analyze, though Judge Cannon did a brilliant job, under great time pressure.  Legally complex, since never litigated, you see?

3) the judge is only trying to provide transparecy, which is what the nation wants

4) The FBI taint team may have been tainted, because this is a partisan DOJ, unlike Bill Barr’s scrupulous DOJ

I only made it through the first two minutes, but I’m sure there are many more excellent examples of counterfactual “opinion” propaganda spread with an absolute straight face and an authoritative tone.  

The biggest question is what documents does F POTUS still have at Ivana’s private cemetery at Bedminster, at his Tower on Fifth Avenue, and who has paid big bucks, very big bucks, for some of the most valuable top secret intelligence and military information in the world?

Or, as Fox might put it, what right does the FBI have to take his personal collection of Playboy magazines just because there might have been a couple of empty classified document folders in there?

The real issue, aside from the DOJ’s suspicious lack of transparency, is why is the DOJ resisting a fair Special Master and meanwhile giving him the stuff they stole from him back and why are all these radical Left lawyers prejudging a case so complicated only the Supreme Court is really fit to rule on it? That’s why we need Special Master John Durham.

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