Habba, Habba, Habba!

The Trump PR/legal team is on TV today spinning like a congregation of whirling dervishes.   I saw a dervish whirling once, in Riverside Park, it was impressive how he kept his balance while making those fast circles on one leg, the tassel on his fez whipping the air.  It turns out, according to F POTUS lawyer and former OANN host Alina Habba and her colleagues, that it is Merrick Garland, of course, who is partisan, sloppy, transparently amateurish in his legal papers and F POTUS, obviously, who’s brilliant, playing five dimensional chess and completely beyond reproach.   

According to the talking F POTUS heads on FOX, Garland performed an illegal, political raid that clearly violated the Fourth Amendment (and the Second!), whatever some so-called magistrate (there is no such thing!) may have signed that supposedly makes it a legal “search”.  Probable cause, a pig’s ass!   The brutal raid was clearly a squad of corrupt, partisan, witch-hunting thugs who stormed Mar-a-Lago and took things out of boxes, where F POTUS had neatly stored some innocent documents, and spread them all over the floor, in a transparent attempt to make F POTUS look like a pig.  He had them neatly stored in boxes, in his office, where he hosts visitors, in the secure store room, in the dining room, bedroom, etc.  Democrat [sic] partisan Garland (a Jew, voo den?) wants to politicize the issue of whether F POTUS is sloppy, which he certainly is not.  We demand to see pictures of Garland’s house, we bet F POTUS is much neater than that dirty rat.

The level of analysis on the DOJ side is detailed, logical, dependent on evidence and proof.   It makes legal arguments, based on the facts and the law. The legal analysis on the F POTUS side is about the same as the level of analysis in the many voter fraud cases team F POTUS brought to court, arguing that “evidence” was not really necessary.  There is a theoretical harm, their filings insisted, a deadly threat posed by vicious pedophile cannibals, as Q warns us all, and that, by itself, is as good as all your so-called legal “arguments” and your “concrete harm” standard to adjudicate “justiciable” legal disputes.   What about the harm of unfairly losing a rigged election if every Tom, Dick and Shaqueena gets to fraudulently vote?  What about that harm, “judge”?

The real point of this constant snarling and misdirection from MAGA world is to keep F POTUS’s loyal 35% base stewing in ill-informed righteous anger, to keep that most violent part of his base ready to fight and die for him, the murderous lone wolves inspired to take up arms and attack the deep state with legally possessed military assault weapons, the corrupt so-called democracy that won’t even let a man who got 73,000,000 votes stay in power, no matter how many fake votes the other guy supposedly got.   The only point of these “arguments” presented by men of genius and understanding like steady Sean Hannity and cackling Cucker Tarlson, is to make sure good Americans understand how devilish these lying, cheating Democrat [sic] pedophile cannibal communist cucks are.   Make no mistake, DEVILS.   If not exorcised, they will infect us all with their Satanism and you can flush orthodox Christianity right down the toilet.

Meanwhile, the lawyers for F POTUS who signed a sworn statement in June stating that everything “improperly” taken from the White House and kept at Mar-a-Lago for a year and a half, had been returned to NARA and DOJ, a statement contradicted by boxes of secret documents found in August, are now likely material witnesses to obstruction of justice or targets of a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice. That felony, probably the most serious one a government official or their lackeys can commit (outside of publicly shooting and skullfucking a guy on Fifth Avenue), carries a twenty year prison sentence.  Something tells me no lawyer for F POTUS, even if paid in full, is willing to do twenty years in the can to protect the guy who is constantly screaming that everyone is out to get him for no reason and will punish anyone who crosses him, or thinks of crossing him, or thinks of thinking about crossing him.

Plus, he is not a slob!  Garland’s goons are fucking liars and that prejudicial, staged photo in the room where F POTUS sees important guests was a set up.  The boss is neat as a pin.  A PIN!

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