Hmmm…obstruction of justice by FPOTUS?

When you are a self-made millionaire by age eight, you operate by a different set of rules. Because you are so important the ordinary constraints that most people feel do not apply, they apply only to losers.

So when F POTUS fired James Comey, for not dropping the Flynn thing, the next day he celebrated in the Oval Office with Russian officials including the Russian ambassador, the guy Flynn had illegally contacted during the transition and lied about speaking to. When F POTUS met with Putin in Helsinki, no records were made of the meeting, the translator notes were destroyed. F POTUS said he believed Putin rather than his own US intelligence experts, though he later clarified that by saying he actually meant the exact opposite of what he said the day before.

When Robert Mueller was investigating and documenting 140 instances of coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign he encountered so much obstruction of his investigation, and so much lying, that he wrote an entire second volume about the obstruction of people like Manafort, Flynn, Stone, although he was very tactful about F POTUS’s refusal to answer written questions. He delicately called “inadequate” F POTUS‘s no answer given for the final long, compound question about Flynn, Comey and the beating heart of his consistently obstructive behavior.

The lying Manafort recently conceded that he had given sensitive polling data on the swing states that F POTUS would go on to narrowly win to Konstantin Kilimnic, a Putin asset. Nothing to see here, Manafort was pardoned, all his crimes now a nullity under the law. But obstruction of justice, which is ongoing, is a very serious crime, perhaps the most serious one of all.

If you successfully obstruct a criminal investigation into yourself, using any means necessary, and all the power of your office, you then give your corrupt attorney general the ability to say that since no underlying crime was proved it is impossible, as a matter of logic and under the law, to have obstructed justice.

If you say so, Bagpiper, you lying sack of shit.

decent Nathan Lane impression, though

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