Meet religious right-wing powerboker Leonard Leo

A well-funded movement has been active in this country, starting as a lunatic fringe shortly after 1954’s Brown v Board of Ed decision when an “activist” Supreme Court unanimously ruled that segregation was unconstitutional in our public schools. The reactionary movement kicked into high gear during the Reagan Administration, when the troublesome Fairness Doctrine was finally removed from the law and television and radio stations no longer needed to present an opposing side in any matter of public interest.

Charles Koch and billionaire friends organized and funded dozens of tax-exempt nonprofits designed to consolidate power in various ways– think tanks to influence public opinion, “grassroots” movements to vehemently and vocally oppose government, a legal fraternity/career ladder to inculcate future lifetime judges with an extreme right philosophy, organizations to bring cases to the Supreme Court that could advance their cause, ending all government regulation of the super wealthy.

Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission was a big one (unlimited dark money in politics is fine). Shelby County v Holder was a big one (unconstitutional to enforce the Voting Rights Act of 1965 anymore). The recent Dobbs decision, citing medieval and 17th century authorities on women’s bodies, and their rights before the one true God, was a blockbuster (not to mention an audacious bit of in-your-fucking-face judicial activism). Talk about yer majoritarian tyranny...

Much of the great progress of the reactionary cause is due to the tireless efforts of a talented fundraiser, ideologue and lifetime judicial appointment maker that few Americans have ever even heard of. Here’s a short biography of Leonard Leo, the hard-right religious zealot who brought us the 6-3 Supreme Court majority. For the love of God, and His only son, Jesus Christ, literally.

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