Storyline # 9

Four old friends share a vacation house for a few days. For reasons none of them understand, tensions continue to escalate. Each one unwittingly plays a part in this rising stress. By the third or fourth night, one, feeling provoked by another, reacts in fury. Later, another will lash out in anger.

People under stress get mad from time to time, especially among people they love, who, being safest, are easiest to take anger out on, which sometimes just happens. Hurt feelings heal, hopefully quickly but certainly over time, given patience, kindness and communication.

Injuries to esteem can be traumatic, especially if familiar from earlier life and prolonged. Their pain can threaten, even kill, old precious relationships.

Friends in the grave are no different from friends who are alive and of whom we no longer speak, their righteous hurt become intolerable to us. Except that it’s mainly the other living ones we sometimes can’t forgive.

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