Jennifer Rubin — homerun

Writing in the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin makes an irrefutable argument against the popular media talking point that prosecuting those who participated in a many tentacled plan to overturn a democratic election would somehow make us look like a Banana Republic.

Here is her short list of things a democracy must prosecute such people for if it is to protect democracy itself:

How do you know democracy is unraveling? It is when an incumbent does these sorts of things:

Refuses to acknowledge he lost an election.

Uses captive media outlets to undermine the sanctity of elections and lie about election “fraud.”

Ignores mounds of evidence showing the election was legitimate.

Attempts to use the Justice Department to throw doubt on the legitimacy of an election.

Pressures state officials to “find” just enough votes to change the result of a key state.

Pressures state officials to retract voting certificates and create fraudulent documents to override the will of the people.

Cooks up a scheme to retain power that his own counsel understands would be illegal.

Pressures his vice president to disregard his oath and help facilitate the coup plot.

Calls angry people to show up at the nation’s capital just when the legislature is counting electoral votes and promises the gathering will be “wild!”

Invites an armed, unhinged mob to march on Congress and promises to join them in confronting the elected leaders carrying out their constitutional duties.

Incites the crowd to hold his vice president responsible for not having the “courage” to overturn an election, even as the violent mob moves in on him.

Refuses to use law enforcement or national security personnel to put down his supporters’ violent insurrection.

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