Trump 2020– fuck the transition!

In the overwhelming torrent from the high powered right-wing fire hose of excrement, it’s hard to keep track of all of the poisonous shenanigans that keep us constantly distracted from focusing on any one depraved or illegal act by Trump’s wildly obstructionist GOP. 99% of them in the House of Representatives voted recently against contraception, same sex marriage, abortion, and interstate travel for pregnant women. That betrayal of American values and our notions of privacy and personal freedom barely made the news.

It’s worth noting that our original insurrectionist former president, before he finally petulantly relinquished power (and did not attend his successor’s inauguration, which he tried to prevent), the stinking angry two year-old did not have a transition team giving the new Biden Administration daily briefings on Covid, national security or anything else.

Mind you, this was during a huge surge in infections and deaths Trump caused (with the assistance of Barr, DeJoy, Kavanaugh and others) by forcing voters to vote in person, rather than more safely by mail. The frequently repeated preemptive excuse for Trumpie’s loss was massive voter fraud, but even Bill Barr himself, one of the most despicable lying smug fat fucks of all time, told the president that voter fraud claims were bullshit, “they’re shoveling bullshit, Your Highness.”

Trumpie’s refusal to cooperate in any way during the transition was as unprecedented as a lame duck president hatching a multi-tentacled conpiracy to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and remain in office. The punishment this unprcedented rogue former president receives must also be unprecedented. It has to be a cautionary lesson to every future enraged two year-old who manages to get enough free speech/financial backing to become president.

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