Good, sorely needed questions for the GOP

How to prevent Republicans from worming out of questions about Trump

Jennifer Rubin lists some of the many follow-up questions that the US corporate media is too spineless to ask of Republicans who avoid taking a stance on whether they support Trump in 2024 by daintily dancing around their brand new set of core beliefs:  the election was stolen, Trump was robbed, Trump is cool, we’re all cool.

Here are a few follow-up questions that must be asked, by every Democrat and, crucially, by well-paid corporate shills/journalists with only a hint of a commercially sponsored spine:

You didn’t answer the question. Is Trump disqualified in your judgment?

Have you read about or watched the Jan. 6 committee’s hearings?

Why can’t you render a judgment?

How can voters trust you to defend democracy if you cannot rule out supporting the instigator of a coup attempt?

Is seeking to procure fake electors acceptable?

Should pressuring the Justice Department to “just say” the election was fraudulent despite any evidence of fraud be permissible?

If Arizona’s state legislature had submitted alternative, phony electors contradicting Arizona voters’ choice, what would you have done?

Is it acceptable to urge an armed mob to march to the Capitol to stop the count of electoral votes?

What about inciting a mob against the vice president at the Capitol? Is that acceptable?

Read the whole op-ed, she makes some excellent points that, if not heeded by the corporate media, will likely result in the triumph of triumphalist American fascism, brought to you by the same media who brought us viable, normalized presidential candidate, an embarrassment transactionally tolerated by Charles Koch and his ilk, Donald fucking Trump, the most virulent symptom yet of the worst of us taking absolute power.

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