Defaming a doctor who helped a traumatized 10 year-old

When Trump won the 2016 presidential election (that was also stolen from him, by Hillary and an army of zombie Mexicans some 3 million strong), he was snarling about tightening up the defamation laws so that he could bring people to court and shut them up and bankrupt them and have them punished.

Of course, in office Trump actually did the opposite, making lying normal, standard and totally permissible politically and morally.

The rape of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio resulted in a pregnancy for which abortion was illegal because she was 3 days late for the draconian 6 week cut off. Her family was referred to a doctor in nearby Indiana, where her abortion could be legally performed.

The story of this poor child’s ordeal was angrily denounced as a lie in MAGA world. That false claim made the rounds from the MAGA Indiana attorney general, who slimed and threatened the doctor who legally performed  the abortion (who he called an abortion activist posing as a doctor) to Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal to Murdoch’s Fox News, beamed out to the angry faithful of MAGA world. The Indiana attorney general got the ball rolling with defamatory remarks about the doctor, including threats of legal action against a professional who followed all legal procedures while helping the traumatized 10 year-old get needed medical services.

The obscene outrage of a political party forcing 10 year-olds who are raped to give birth to their rapists’ babies needs to be kept front and center in this and all future elections until it is no longer possible for any state to inflict this hellish punishment on children or grown women.

On Friday, Lauren Robel, the former dean of Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, filed a misconduct complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission against Indiana attorney general Todd Rokita. Rokita’s inflammatory statements about the physician who provided abortion care to the ten-year-old rape victim forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana to obtain an abortion after the Supreme Court’s June 24 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision overturning Roe v. Wade, put her in danger. Rokita made baseless claims on the Fox News Channel that the physician had not reported the case properly as child abuse, and he began to investigate her medical license. In fact, the physician had reported the abuse as Indiana law required.

Heather Cox Richardson

Here is fascist propagandist and talking piece of shit Tucker Carlson repeating the obscene lie that the story of the 10 year-old Ohio girl pregnant with a rapist’s baby is itself a lie. Notice how quickly these pious moralists become pro-pedophile when it suits their incoherent political narrative.

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