GOP an increasingly militant antigovernment party, predating their first insurrectionist president

Today’s J6 Committee hearing really fleshed out the irrefutable (except on an orchestrated procedural technicality) arguments heard at Trump’s second impeachment. In order to support the former president, it is necessary to subscribe to the wild lies of Sidney “no reasonable person would have taken me seriously” Powell, the My Pillow guy, John Eastman, Steve Bannon, Rudy and Mike “I said the Fifth” Flynn.

After decades of determined, organized, well-financed effort to undermine democratic institutions Americans have lost faith in our government to solve problems. This distrust culminated in the presidency of an unhinged idiot performer who plays people around him with a reptilian instinct to win at all costs. Dana Milbank lays out the largely successful GOP effort to activate and weaponize American distrust of the government they systematically disabled.

For three decades, as the Republicans transitioned from a limited-government party to an anti-government party, GOP leaders have seen political advantage in undermining Americans’ confidence in their institutions, and in sabotaging the functions of government. . .

. . . It began with Newt Gingrich’s instructions to Republicans on how to refer to Democrats (and the government) in 1990: “Traitors.” “Corrupt.” “Cheat.” “Decay.” “Failure.” “Incompetent.” “Abuse of power.” As the era of government shutdowns, default brinkmanship, hostage-taking, name-calling and mindless obstruction was just beginning, Vice President Al Gore presciently remarked: “The Republicans are determined to wreck Congress in order to control it — and then to wreck a presidency in order to recapture it.”

McConnell played a major part in the sabotage, and not just with his extravagant intransigence toward legislation and nominees, highlighted by the theft of a Supreme Court seat in 2016.

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