Incumbent congressman gave tour of Capitol complex tunnels and staircases on January 5th

The representative’s name is Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.). Mr. Loudermilk denies the J6 Select Committee ever asked him to talk about the January 5, 2021 tour he conducted of the tunnels, hallways, security checkpoints and staircases under the Capitol complex. He said he’d have gladly answered their questions about the tour he already denied giving, before remembering he did show a Georgia family with kids and red hats around the underbelly of the Capitol the day before the riot, plus a guy he didn’t know.

And they took pictures, of course, as tourists do. On a day that the Capitol was locked down to the public, due to Covid and heightened security for the joint session of Congress the next day, the last formality before the peaceful transfer of power, hallmark of American democracy, contested by Trump.

Sadly, the guy Congressman Loudermilk didn’t know was enthusiastic about the prospect for violence at the Capitol on J6 and a buddy immortalized him for Facebook on J6, in a bouyant mood, carrying a spear-tipped flag pole, on his way to Pelosi’s office, happily talking about the asses he was soon going to be kicking.

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