MSNBC and CNN as bad as FOX?

A few years ago, right before Covid hit and peak Trump began, I had coffee and went to a lecture with a guy I ran into who I used to be friends with many years back. He became very rich, working as a corporate lawyer, doing mergers and acquisitions. When the subject of politics came up he smiled and told me that MSNBC and CNN were just as slanted as Fox News and that if I was dispassionate and not drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid I’d be able to see it.

He assured me if we sat down and watched it together he could point out how many times false information was repeated on MSNBC and CNN and prove his point. I told him that Murdoch’s Fox had been a pioneer in spreading propaganda, mentioned the lawsuits in which Fox defended itself by saying nobody in their right mind would believe this shit is actually true news, it’s clearly opinion etc.

But it wasn’t much of a discussion, because he knew the secret that I was too dense to understand. I suppose that secret is that everything is relative if you’re rich enough not to care about anything but your portfolio. This bit of premature gloating by a Fox opinion host who was recently Trump’s press secretary reminded me of that short, fruitless conversation with my apolitical buddy.

Equally slanted MSNBC treatment of the same story follows.

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