Incoherence is the LAW, sir!

A perfect encapsulation of the utter incoherence that has taken over the party of Goldwater/ Reagan/Koch/Trump, by the incomparable Sarah Lazarus:

Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick, who’s neck and neck with Dr. Oz for the GOP nomination, has filed a lawsuit to require counties to count mail-in ballots with undated envelopes. The RNC and Pennsylvania GOP have intervened to oppose McCormick and, uh, ensure that their own voters’ ballots aren’t counted.

So, after six good guys with guns finally succeeded in killing the kid who shot his grandmother in the face before barricading himself into a public school and turning his assault weapon on nine and ten year olds, amid the party of the Big Lie’s pious expressions of being sickened and horrified by the uniquely American carnage and praying for a better outcome than the constant mass shootings by enraged young men infuriated by their powerlessness and goaded to violence by a mad “gunman” narrative spread endlessly by the same NRA backed freaks who speak so incoherently, urging them in the name of freedom to fight like hell for Jesus Christ and all He stands for.

My prayers go out to these self-righteous, incoherent pieces of shit, may they all go blind like Paul on the road to Damascus, fall to their knees and break down sobbing when they realize they are the lynch mob who would have nailed Jesus to the nearest cross [1].


Without of course, going on, like the former Saul of Tarsus, to become history’s most famous and effective propagandist for religious anti-semitism. A big ask, I know.

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