How many friends do we really need?

Thoughtful piece about friendship in the NY Times (link below). It discusses the increased isolation of millions of Americans, particularly older ones, a trend of social loneliness exacerbated by the pandemic (and presumably the ugly, dark money funded hatred between citizens) and the importance of nurturing close friendship. Close friends are rare and extremely valuable, they provide life-affirming support that enables us to live healthier and longer lives. Sadly, friendships sometimes die, for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes old friends may become adamant that only their feelings matter, seemingly unaware that this inability to empathize or honestly listen means they are not actually your friends any longer, since they extend the benefit of every doubt only to themselves. If people you love and have always trusted tell you that pretending they didn’t break your heart is the new price of friendship, the unfairness of it can stop you in your tracks. The author points out that the healthiest thing in these situations is to understand the sad fact of a no longer mutual friendship and adjust accordingly. Live and learn, my friends.

How many friends do we really need?

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