Liberal journalistic “restraint”

As though everything that happens in the world must be seen through a strictly partisan lens. See if you can spot my objection to this paragraph in an otherwise excellent analysis of the many crimes of Mark Meadows.

On the call, the president told Raffensperger: “I just want to find 11,780 votes” to win the state. That has led Democrats to assert that Trump was seeking to interfere with an election.


You dig, in the name of “fairness” we, the liberal media, have to suggest that only Democrats claim this call to pressure the man responsible for certifying the twice recounted election results in a state Trump lost, by 11,779 votes, could be seen, perhaps, as an attempt to interfere with an election.

Read or listen to this detailed, well-researched exposition Inside Mark Meadows’s final push to keep Trump in power and see if you can explain to yourself why Merrick Garland is so squeamish about having it never look political, as though holding an unhinged enabler of an unhinged maniac responsible for his illegal actions is a political position. As Democrats allege, of course… while Meadows and his co-conspirators defy subpoenas, lose, appeal, obstruct justice and/or plead the Fifth ten times a minute, Democrats have claimed. . .

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