Nice analysis of Alito’s grand slam

“Deeply rooted in this country’s history and traditionsis the standard seething reactionary Samuel Alito sets for what is permissible when the Supreme Court enumerates an unenumerated constitutional right of citizenship. Like a citizen’s unenumerated right not to be forcibly sterilized, for example, enumerated in 1942 by the Supreme Court.

He gets legal support for the argument that abortion was always illegal in this country, and thus deeply rooted, from an English aristocrat, the guy who codified procedures for witch trials in the 17th century, making it easier to execute the female minions of Satan. He cites this English Lord, Sir Matthew Hale, over and over as an unimpeachable legal authority on abortion, unimpeachable as the twice impeached Putin ally who appointed a supermajority from Alito’s judicial fraternity to decide what is deeply rooted in the history and traditions of this country (lynchings and pogroms are two that spring to mind). Hale denounced the Satanic evils of abortion in the 1640s, which is more than good enough legal authority for the Federalist Society Six.

Here’s an excellent discussion of the drive to “repeal the twentieth century” now in full, ugly swing, as a mob of top GOP officials calls for the blood of a partisan leaker of unknown allegiance, for, as many have noted, violating the sacred privacy of the Supreme Court. Talk about your fucking unenumerated rights…

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