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In fact, Trump said he deserved more credit for drawing such a large crowd to the Ellipse — and that he pressed to march on the Capitol with his supporters but was stopped by his security detail. “Secret Service said I couldn’t go. I would have gone there in a minute,” he said.

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Sure they stopped him, just like when he tried to leave the hospital, infectious with a life threatening case of Covid, against all medical advice, to drive around D.C. in a sealed car for a strongman photo op, forcibly infecting his Secret Service detail.

Also, you know. that’s why Stop the Steal event organizers never applied for a permit to march — expensive, plus, tons of extra DC cops along the route! Secret Service never would have allowed that!

You know, just like the Speaker of the House is responsible for single handedly stopping the mob the defeated president unleashed on the Capitol. What can the president do if a mob of his most diehard supporters is intent on “legitimate political discourse” that includes possible lynching? That’s the Speaker’s, the Mayor of DC’s problem!

Then, a flash of the former POTUS’s political genius, on the subject of Mo Brooks’s claim that Trump asked him to rescind Biden’s election victory:

“I didn’t ask him to do it. He’s in no position to do it. I certainly didn’t ask him to do it. But I believe when you see massive election fraud, I can’t imagine that somebody who won the election based on fraud, that something doesn’t happen? How has it not happened? If you are a bank robber, or you’re a jewelry store robber, and you go into Tiffany’s and you steal their diamonds and get caught, you have to give the diamonds back,” he said.

And he’s still a big international player!

Earlier this week, Trump claimed, Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, called him to thank him for endorsing him and to credit Trump with the win. “After I endorsed him, he went up like a rocket ship,” Trump claimed of his unusual endorsement.

The best people, the best people!

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