Heather knocks one out of the park

Not that facts and coherent argument matter that much to the truly faithful, here’s Heather Cox Richardson:

The Republicans explicitly backed former president Trump and insisted that the investigation of the January 6 insurrection was simply a way to try to keep Trump off the ballot in 2024 and to distract from scandals potentially involving President Joe Biden’s son Hunter (who holds no government office).

link below

The question the mass media is now regularly asking is why did nobody on the left pay attention to Rudy Giuliani’s and Trump’s repeated allegations about dirty Hunter Biden (the ones Zelensky refused to announce an investigation into before Trump’s first impeachment). Is it simply because Hunter Biden (still under investigation by the DOJ for possible tax evasion) never had a government job, none of the sleazy deals he made are alleged to have happened while his father was in office, and the wild allegations were launched amidst a barrage of unhinged lunatic lies, many ongoing though long ago debunked, from the same people, could that be why? Just asking.

But, particularly if you are in the middle of an ever more revealed criminal conspiracy to overturn legitimate election results in the 2020 presidential election, you have to have a strong point to counter-attack so Jeff Bezos and the Grey Lady will both run articles about how hypocritical Democrats are not talking about the theoretically not impossible Hunter Biden laptop scandal right now instead of completing the work of the belatedly formed the January 6th Select Committee (witch hunt!), which should have been strangled in its cradle, after a proper birth and baptism in Christ, of course.

Heather nails some big essential truths, as she so often does. Highly reccommended.


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