A lawyer from the Heritage Foundation defends the poor Thomases

The PBS moderator points out that this is not the first time that Ginni Thomas’s political activism has raised these questions of influence, and mentions a recent Affordable Care Act challenge. He doesn’t mention Bush v Gore or Trump’s Muslim ban case, but the point is made.

Then it’s time for the conservative defense of the victimized Thomases. At 2:44 Mr. Malcolm begins his master class in fancy legal footwork to dazzle an opponent and sway a jury. He doesn’t think Clarence needs to recuse just because his wife Ginni is an attorney and conservative activist consulting for multiple organizations with occasional business before the court (during Bush v Gore she worked for Bush). Malcolm flashes legal gold, worth every penny they pay him.

Yes, look, I completely disagree with that. Ginni Thomas is not a lawyer, she is not a litigant, she does not work for any organization that is a party to any lawsuit. There’s no reason to believe that she is in any legal jeopardy, whatsoever.”

That’s why the Heritage Foundation pays him the big bucks!

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