Party of the lynch mob

Most people know by now that the so-called Pizzagate “scandal”, involving an imagined Hillary Clinton-run child sex trafficking ring in a DC pizza place, was bullshit. Hence the rise of Q, to prove that even though unfounded, it is a fact that a secret cabal of powerful extreme left-wing cannibal pedophiles (get it, moron, they’re SECRET, duh!) is actively opposing the greatest US president in history, who Jesus personally inserted as president to fight just such an evil antichrist cabal.

It makes as much sense as many other things, pulled directly out of a fevered hater’s ass. Let not “truth” be the enemy of effectively weaponized hatred! Hallelujah!

Great piece in yesterday’s Washington Post, by Radley Balko, on the mainstreaming of the insane QAnon conspiracy theory by the GOP. These amoral, madly ambitious fucks (lawmakers like insurrection abetters Hawley and Lyin’ Ted) know exactly what they’re doing. Here’s hoping there is a hell, these bastards definitely deserve VIP treatment down there in the eternally hot place.

This paragraph by Mr. Balko caught my eye, there are links to details on each of these outrageous stories in his opinion piece, linked below.

Of course sexual abuse of children is real, and it inflicts devastating, lifelong damage. But it is our very disgust at these crimes that allows opportunists to seize them for unrelated political ends. The result isn’t just unfair attacks against politicians or judicial nominees. It often means ruined lives. Parents have been accused of abuse and even prosecuted for innocuous photos of their young children. Children have been convicted and labeled as sex offenders for texting one another sexual explicit images of themselves. In Virginia, one prosecutor even asked a court’s permission to photograph a minor boy’s erect penis to prove the boy had sent an explicit photo to an underage girl.

You know, just asking the judge to let you photograph the kid’s erection, as you do when you hate fucking pedophiles, even the underaged ones.

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