When the world crushes you

Some days the world will try to crush you, you may wake up with the weight of it solidly on your chest.  It’s nothing personal, the world does it to everyone sometimes.  Stay busy enough, I suppose, and you can often outrun thoughts that will otherwise stop you in your tracks: the senseless war over slowing or speeding up climate catastrophe, finally addressing racism head on, the war over public education, a propaganda machine effectively substituting grievance-stoked rage for discussion.   If you stay busy enough you may never think, “Jesus, all the evidence is out there in public, has been for years, why are these dangerous, powerful criminals not being indicted?”  Then, after a day of great exertion you collapse into bed, exhausted, ready for needed seep, but there is a small crew with jackhammers outside your bedroom window, waiting to energetically make sure you will make do with short sleep.  

The world will crush you sometimes, it always does.  What to do on those days?  Do something you love, even if only for a short time.  Remember, the world is a crushing machine on certain days and you are not wrong to feel squeezed by it.   Moods change, the people and things you most love remain.  Reminders of all the rest of this miraculous life can help lift the weight of the fucking world off of you. It won’t lift at once, or permanently, but, shoot, I’ll take less of an anvil on my heart any day.  It may be tough to dance with a million tons on your shoulders, but it’s easy enough to listen to the music that makes you want to dance.  

The first thing is to breathe.   Breathing is the best thing to do, the first, most essential and naturally calming thing you can do.  Remember to breathe, slowly, deeply, appreciating with each inhale and each exhale how much more beautiful this life giving process is than the inevitable alternative which always comes in its time.   If you wake up feeling crushed, focus on breathing, first.  My two cents.

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