Another giant of the Senate

A reminder of this great American statesman and defender of democracy, from today’s Washington Post:

Even before Jan. 6 itself, Graham had evaluated and rejected Trump’s claims about fraud. A scene in the Bob Woodward and Robert Costa book “Peril” depicts aide Lee Holmes discussing with Graham purported evidence of fraud passed along by the White House in a series of memos.

“Holmes found the sloppiness, the overbearing tone of certainty, and the inconsistencies disqualifying. The three memos added up to nothing. …”
“Holmes reported to Graham that the data in the memos were a concoction, with a bullying tone and eighth grade writing.”

“Graham looked over the memos. ‘Third grade,’ he said.

Holmes said part of the claim was based on an affidavit.

“Graham said, ‘I can get an affidavit tomorrow saying the world is flat.’ “

You sure enough can, Lindsey, thousands of ’em.

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