Perfect shills

shamelessness is a virtue
2024? 2024? USA! USA!!!

Barr’s core premise, absolute protection of a “transactional” far-right useful idiot president from all charges, no matter how much evidence of guilt, is untenable — unless you are the top law enforcement officer in the nation who gets to decide what is “tenable”. The lowest circle of hell is reserved for pious, bullying fucks like Barr, now on a sad-faced rehab tour trying to shill for his book on how he was right all along and the real threat facing our nation comes from Commies, anti-fascists, racist Blacks and goddamned hippies intent on forcing their perverted version of “equal justice” on reactionary white people who are the real victims.

Be audacious!

Just four great hits from his tenure as top enabler, and saucy, obliging gunsel (in the Dashiell Hammett sense of the word) of an insane two year old Unitary Executive — there is no institutional racism in law enforcement and Blacks better shape the fuck up and show some goddamned respect if they want protection from the totally non-racist criminal justice system; a peaceful protest may be broken up by force if an insane president demands “domination” of the streets; that massive voter fraud from mail-in ballots during a pandemic would occur was ‘obvious”; the lies that an insane Trump loyalist pled guilty to, twice, were “immaterial”. You know what’s immaterial, Bagpiper? You and your fucking mother. Here’s Glenn Kirschner on our less than perfect shill of the day, Bill Barr:

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