A Note on my Denial

The terrible thing lately about my desire to avoid having to fight over trifles is that
I’m even procrastinating about things like calls to merchants where I have credits of hundreds of dollars because I don’t want to fucking hear:

“well sir, under corporate policy you needed to redeem all credit within 90 days, which has expired by one year, as you can plainly see, so you will have to talk to corporate if you have a problem.”

And I go “I thought I was talking to fucking corporate”

And they’ll say “no, corporate is corporate and we’re customer service, there’s no direct connection. We have no authority over corporate, we can’t connect you with corporate, our system doesn’t allow it, so you have to call corporate directly because that’s corporate policy, sir.”

And the galling thought of that likely conversation with an otherwise nice, completely powerless kid makes me go fuck no, not today, you fucking corporate Nazi fucks

Though history teaches us that in the end Nazis will lose, while they are in the ascendancy they can make life very, very bitter. As we can see with just a glance in any direction.

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