Get ready for the next principled filibuster, cucks

In a nation that, according to many good Christians, has never practiced racism, of any kind, making a federal law against racist or ethnic murder by lynching, is completely unnecessary. This was the position of the Dixiecrats, southerners who hated Lincoln so much that they would never vote Republican, for a century, now taken up by the Grand Old Party, which turned the South solidly red, after LBJ’s betrayal of White Supremacy. Nary a racist among these wealthy conservative white men.

Makes me want to fucking holler that they are still debating this in 2022, and that the party of Trump will as likely as not filibuster it to cut off debate, like their Klan forebears did, whenever it came to the Senate in the past, for a vote to make an anti-lynching bill the law of the land.

What next from these radicals and scalawags in the House, a federal law legalizing Critical Race Theory? So-called Voting Rights?

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