Crime and Punishment?

The list of the Orange Polyp’s crimes, even just since the end of the tempestuous four years of his Thousand Year Reich, is impressive.  Because he’s done them publicly, and never been held accountable for any violation of law, he’s pushed back the line on what a president can “legally” do.   

We easily forget that at one time a president publicly telling all subpoenaed witnesses into his misdeeds to just not show up, to defy legal subpoenas and fight them in court until the clock runs out, would have been grounds for obstruction of justice charges.   The media hardly blinks when it is revealed that Trump took classified documents out of the White House (and destroyed many others during his tumultuous term) when he sulked off to Florida, something that would previously have been front-page news day after day, amid calls for a Special Prosecutor.

Recall that before his first impeachment he made it “normal” to intimidate a witness testifying in Congress (in an inquiry into what became his first impeachment) in real time, as she was testifying.   “Marie Yavonovich is going to go through some things.”   That was after Rudy, working with buddies Lev and Igor (both quietly being prosecuted, or perhaps already having taken pleas) orchestrated the corrupt outster of the sitting US Ambassador to Ukraine, a diplomat with impeccable credentials, amid threats on her life. They did this as part of a plan to get Ukrainian president Zelensky to announce a fake investigation into Biden’s son, pursuant to a perfect phone call to him.  At orders of Trump, who really didn’t know anything about it, but Rudy had told him “Igor says this bitch has to go” and Trumpie gave his hyenas the word to smear Yavonovich and then he fired her.  In the preceding couple of sentences alone there are probably several different felonies, for an ordinary president.

The delay in prosecuting Trump for anything (although the legal walls do seem to be closing in on America’s classiest former president) is frustrating, with all the crimes he appears to have committed just since he lost the election in 2020.  The only reassuring legal take I heard was from former DOJ prosecutor Joyce Vance explaining how long it takes to build a racketeering case under RICO that can’t  be undone on appeal.  RICO allows prosecutors to show that a mob boss making seemingly innocuous statements like “things could get bad for her” is the same as an order to do bad things to her. It is apparently not hard to indict and convict under RICO, but, according to Vance, it’s also not hard for a team of smart lawyers to get a RICO conviction dismissed on a hundred technicalities.  So maybe Merrick Garland really intends to bring an airtight RICO prosecution against MAGA man and his capos, in which case, we’re only about a year or two away from a big announcement.   Hopefully Garland won’t be announcing it from the glitzy new Trump Auschwitz.

As Lyin’ Ted snarled at the mild-mannered Garland in a Senate hearing: what’s the country coming to when you can’t even give an innocent, Constitutionally protected Nazi salute to a bunch of liberal kikes and woke n-words at a School Board meeting?

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