through-lines with some of the best people

Follow this brief illustrated timeline, if you will.    It starts with Michael Flynn, US General, retired, Trump’s first National Security Advisor.   Trump fired him 22 days in for lying to Mike Pence about illegal contacts with Russia, lies he later repeated to the FBI, as he had previously done on his security clearance filings that neglected to mention he was on the payroll of Turkey and Russia.  Trump asked James Comey to do him a favor and give this good guy a pass by not investigating him, Comey refused and Trump kicked his ass to the curb, leading to the Mueller Witch HUNT.   

Stephen Miller, hateful troll, was one of very few Trump insiders who was there at the president’s side the entire four years of Trump’s Thousand Year Administration.

Bannon, Trump’s master tactician, was fired for getting too much attention for being “Trump’s brain”– the boss had already revealed that the way to be the smartest man in the room was to hire the best people, as long as they were dumber than you.   

Bill Barr was an exception, being very smart, and something of a magician, he made the damning conclusions, and the many incriminating details, of the Mueller Report vanish into thin air.  Among other feats of legerdemain he also did his damnedest to orchestrate a lawyerly, shamelessly partisan withdrawal of Flynn’s guilty plea for perjury, before the Big Guy pardoned Flynn outright.  In the end, Barr bailed as the roof was blowing off the booby hatch, and it was another Trump-appointee,

Jefferey Clark, who stepped up to take the reins and promote any lie Trump wanted on DOJ letterhead, to create pressure to throw out the votes in states Trump lost.  Clark later had a few months of projectile diarrhea that made it impossible for him, for medical reasons, to appear before the House Select Committee on the Trump riot to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.   

Rudy, one of Trump’s best buddies, who brought several of the post election Stop the Steal court cases that Trump lost, had previously traveled to Ukraine to meet Paul Manafort’s old friends among the Russian oligarch-connected Ukrainians, and with Lev and Igor, Mafia Rave and Fraud Guarantee, dig up some smut on Biden’s surviving son.  His lawyers are currently negotiating the scope of his voluntary cooperation with the ongoing House witch hunt.

Convicted felon Paul Manafort knew every corrupt official and oligarch in Ukraine and Russia from his years grooming the corrupt, Russian oligarch-backed Viktor Yanukovych to become president of Ukraine. As the GOP-chaired Senate Committee Report revealed, Manafort worked closely with Konstantin Kilimnik, Putin’s guy, during his time as Trump’s campaign manager.   Roger “Ratfucker” Stone, another pardoned felon, worked closely with Oath Keepers now under indictment for seditious conspiracy, among other things they guarded his grotesque person on January 5th and 6th.   The baseless Democrat [sic] witch hunt continues!   

the third guy here, also pardoned by Trump, is Jared Kushner’s criminal dad

Meanwhile this smiling John McEntee fellow was promoted from Trump’s bag man, body man, to Czar of loyalty to Trump, working closely with the wife of Clarence Thomas to root out insufficiently loyal Republicans throughout the West Wing and beyond. 

In happier days, and for most of Trump’s term, he was well protected by the powerful, unscrupulous Senate majority leader, now, like so many others Trump feels have betrayed him, his enemy.

In the end, he was left with crackpot theories about the Twelfth Amendment and the Hail Mary of the “Green Bay Sweep” (and coordinated riot) to overturn the 2020 presidential election (oddly, all the other Republicans elected on the same ballots were immune to the massive, coordinated, bipartisan anti-Trump fraud), this guy invoked his Fifth Amendment right countless times and is fighting the release of thousands of possibly incriminating emails.  Here’s the latest on him, from Heather Cox Richardson:

Lawyer John Eastman, who produced the infamous memo with a blueprint for Pence to overturn the election, has claimed that he cannot produce the documents the January 6th committee has subpoenaed because of attorney-client privilege. The judge overseeing the case has ordered him to document those attorney-client relationships by February 22.

Bill Barr left in place the stern-looking, arch conservative, Christian dominionist DOJ Special Counsel John Durham (who Trump praises as “Robert Durham”) to get to the corrupt oringes of the Mueller investigation total witch hunt. Durham has been at it longer than Mueller was (traveling with Barr to Italy, at one point, in search of smoking gun proof of the distractionary partisan witch hunt theory), and had found approximately zilch, though FOX and friends are running hard with the story of his single seeming revelation, a shaky theory about Hillary spying on Donald in the White House before he was even president (and they’re in a hurry to exploit this “bombshell,” ignored by the leftist mass media, before that indictment likely gets dismissed next week). Why this right wing fucknut is still on the “case” is one of the enduring mysteries of American politics. 

Bannon was in the Willard Hotel war room on January 5th and 6th, back in the command center of Trump’s brain, with Rudy, pardoned felon Bernard Kerik, Fifth Amendment and shaky attorney-client privilege citer John Eastman and some of the other best people. 

And Mike Flynn, the good guy who started the whole shit show (after leading chants of “Lock Her Up!” at the Republican National Convention back in the day), has not been restored to active service for the court martial the Q-Anon general so richly deserves (and which Glenn Kirschner made a strong case for).  He’s out there exercising his First Amendment right to advocate martial law, the essential white Christianity of this exceptional nation, the truth of Q’s droppings, to talk absolute shit about whatever pops into his head.   

God bless these United Shaysssh.

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