where the facts and the law take us

Merrick Garland promised on January 5th, 2022 to follow the facts and the law wherever they take us, excluding no one from the operation of our laws by reason of power or wealth. Glenn Kirschner lays out a grievous tale of two arguably identical crimes, one petty (carrying a three month prison sentence) the other massive, pervasive, ongoing and part of a long pattern of corruption and obstruction of justice– with profound national security implications.

In the first case, prompt prosecution, conviction and sentencing. In the second case, not so much…

Here’s Glenn, in the description of his most recent youTube video presenting the law as it regards the mad former president:

In an astounding double-standard of justice, the Department of Justice issues a press release today, February 11, 2022, announcing that a federal employee named Asia Janay Lavarello removed classified documents and was just sentenced to 3 months in prison, whereas Trump removed classified documents (documents that were classified “top secret” as compared to those improperly handled by Ms. Lavarello, which were classified as “secret”), yet Trump is not held to account.

Here is a step-by-step comparison of the two cases, showing how there are two standards of justice at work in our nation.

Note: in the video, I mispronounce Ms. Lavarello’s name as “Laravello.” Apologies to Ms. Lavarello.

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