Sloppy Steve, visionary global fascist, still chief strategist of Trumpism

February 14th 2022, Glenn Kirschner, former federal prosecutor reminds us, is the statute of limitations deadline for filing obstruction of justice charges based on the Mueller report which documented at least ten fairly clear-cut instances of obstruction by the Orange Polyp. The obstruction case about which Mueller wrote that it was unfair to accuse the president of while he couldn’t actually charge him, but that he also could not exonerate him for. This is what Bill Barr judged to be complete and total exoneration of Trump.

Seeing as Trump’s obstruction of justice is seamless and ongoing, using legal, quasi-legal and extralegal means, as illustrated most recently in his ignoring the Presidential Records Act (after ascertaining, no doubt, that there is no real penalty for violating it, with the usual caveat that covering up a crime is a separate felony) it would seem the statute of limitations should not be a factor in charging him with obstruction of justice, Merrick.

Someone who has never been held accountable for anything in his life understandably believes that accountability is only for fucking losers. Plus, he has the best people.

Council for National Policy member Steve Bannon, whose billionaire patrons the Mercers threw their support behind Trump as the last candidate standing, for example. The Mercers introduced the canny authoritarian Bannon (and fellow CNP member Kelleyanne Alternative Fact) to the Trump campaign. In exchange for the CNP’s help, Trump, who truly believes in nothing, agreed to appoint Federalist Society judges to the bench, limit his religious advisory Council to only Protestants, cut taxes on the super-rich and support a variety of other far-right positions.

Bannon was one of the keys to Trump’s narrow, surgically crafted Electoral College victory, but was soon fired by the thin-skinned Trump when he became known as Trump’s brain. Trump dubbed Bannon Sloppy Steve. And, yet, three years later, it was Sloppy Steve who sat in a suite in the Willard Hotel, the command center for the January 6th insurrection, who later told the House Select Committee on January 6th that it was illegitimate and to go fuck itself with its subpoena, and who’d secured a pardon from Trump on Trump’s last day in office. Pardoned, you know, for making a little money by ripping off the most loyal, and most credulous, of Trumps die-hard 39%. As you do.

Legitimate political discourse, baby.

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