Fed Soc Follies

The other day Mike Pence gave a speech to the Federalist Society, the Koch-funded legal fraternity that spawned the united 6-3 Trump Court majority, finally stating the obvious:  Trump was wrong, the Vice President does not have the legal right to overturn election results.   

Had he made this statement a year ago, hats off to a man of integrity.   This career ass-sniffer, backed by the Kochs for his entire obsequious career, once again wreathes himself in shame as he insults the intelligence of the American public, this time by telling the simple truth, belated by a hate-filled year.

Also addressing the Federalist Society’s annual meeting, though his speech was given secretly, Fed Soc alum Neil Gorsuch.  Last year’s keynote speaker was Federalist Society member Samuel Alito, who also spoke at the members only event in secret.  You want secrecy for your totally non-political speeches in front of a partisan legal fraternity you belong to, it’s common sense!  Look what happened to Crooked Hillary for speaking frankly to Wall Street!

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee censured both of its members who traitorously insist on calling the MAGA riot a riot (when, obviously, the only Blacks involved were law enforcement) uniting behind the idea that investigating the insurrection is “a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse,” as you do, if you’re a Nazi (or klansman), and snarling lynch mobs united behind a proven lie are merely a preferred form of legitimate political discourse [1].

The rightwing legal establishment (as opposed to MAGA nation) is positioning itself to pivot, once the Trump dead-enders are, possibly, brought to justice, fully outed, disgraced, hopefully prosecuted and convicted for the seditious conspiracy they participated in.  Note that Trump was as useful an idiot to the far right as he was to his friend Mr. Putin, though the craven Pence’s speech might signal his master’s usefulness is nearing an end. Mainstream movement conservatives will continue marching on with their larger plan, to capture a permanent majority, particularly on the federal bench, a dependable activist majority that will rule in favor of the best of society and against that pesky 95% that causes all the problems here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 


Trump to Pence: “You can either go down in history as a patriot, or you can go down in history as a pussy,” Trump to Pence: “If these people say you had the power, wouldn’t you want to?” Pence: “I wouldn’t want any one person to have that authority,” Trump to Pence: “But wouldn’t it be almost cool to have that power?” Trump to Pence: “You don’t understand, Mike. You can do this. I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t do this.” Trump to Pence: “If you don’t do it, I picked the wrong man four years ago … You’re going to wimp out.”

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