War chest

From the Gray Lady, a couple days back. It partially explains why the GOP behaves so obsequiously toward their unhinged, endlessly embattled former frontman, in our pay to play political system. Where money spent on partisan influence speaks louder than a 98-0 vote in the Senate (see, for example, Shelby County v. Holder, 2013, which ended enforcement of voting rights).

Trump Entered 2022 With $122 Million in the Bank

By Shane Goldmacher Jan. 31, 2022

Donald J. Trump’s political operation raised more than $51 million in the second half of 2021 as the former president continued to dominate the Republican fund-raising landscape in his first year out of the White House, according to new federal filings.

Mr. Trump’s overall war chest entering 2022 stood at $122 million — more than double the cash on hand of the Republican National Committee itself — as he continued to solicit his online supporters with the same pace and intensity of the heat of the campaign

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