US Covid cases down 165,000 a day in last few days, deaths still rising

This one is still hard for me to get my head around. I have to reach out to my doctor friends for some insight into how these seemingly irreconcilable counter-narratives are playing out.

Since Dec. 1, when health officials announced the first Omicron case in the United States, the share of Americans who have been killed by the coronavirus is at least 63 percent higher than in any of these other large, wealthy nations, according to a New York Times analysis of mortality figures.


Somewhat characteristically, the Grey Lady makes no mention of our broken, largely privatized, healthcare system or the prevalence of a powerful anti-science party that uses a giant, unregulated mass megaphone to conflate taking a vaccination with obsequiously bending the knee to tyranny, but interesting article, as far as it goes.

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