Putin and Trumpism, still numbers one and two

Number one and two in the sense of the polite way people sometimes refer to the output of the urethra and colon. Also in the sense of causing a large percentage of their population to embrace irrational beliefs that sometimes disproportionately kill them.

Putin was trained in this dark art in the KGB, Trump simply has the natural gift of a sociopathic compulsive liar with an overwhelming need to be loved. The US, which leads the world in Covid deaths, is a close second only to Russia in the percentage of citizens who would literally rather die than ever take the vaccine, and other reasonable precautions, against the pandemic. Freedom from what they believe is tyranny is worth more than life to these folks.

Twenty percent of Americans polled report that they will never take the vaccine, are unwilling to ever take it [1]. Most of the 2,000 a day dying of covid in the US are unvaccinated. The US is once again Exceptional in this, most other nations are in the single digit percentage for those diehard Live Free or Kill Myself 20% of our exceptional fellow citizens, folks who believe they have never lost any fight, war, argument or game of tic tac toe. Their steadfastness in resisting science, and their ability to move freely from state to state and cough on anybody they choose to cough on, enables us to easily lead the world in daily covid deaths. Here in New York City I am often in stores that post a strict mask policy people feel free to ignore, with no consequences. American Exceptionalism — fuck your fucking so-called social fucking contract, asshole! Here’s the worldwide death chart:

Here is Chris Hayes, on the lying liberal media [2], laying out the deadly case of this exceptional American delusion that freedom equals the right to catch a deadly, but now controllable, disease and spread it to as many people as you like, before you yourself angrily die from it. The exceptional American belief that willing a thing makes it so and that freedom means, under certain circumstances, the right to infect and kill whoever you come into contact with. If I never admit I was wrong, I WAS FUCKING RIGHT!


Yes, I know about the general reliability of polls, but this one, as described in the video above, is based on the self-reporting of respondents. They are asked the questions and 20% of Americans, versus 5% of Spaniards and 7% of Australians, said “shit no, I’m no moron, I would never let the Deep State put that poison in my body.”


die Lügenpresse, give credit where credit’s due, this was stolen from the old Nazi playbook. Fake News! Nazis, many feel, have been as falsely maligned by the fake news as our American as apple pie Ku Klux Klan. So unfair! SAD!

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