Fake debate 2022 style

Today in Congress we hear GOP elected officials opposed to restoring the 1965 Voting Rights Act debate the issue. Most repeat the absurd GOP talking point, when not attacking Biden, as they urge bipartisanship while filibustering one popular policy debate after another in order to hamstring Biden and make him look weak “Democrats are trying to nationalize national elections!”

Communism pure and simple!

I suppose I should be happy that none of the obstructionists I heard are retreating to their normal post-Gingrich talking points “I know you are, but what am I?” and “make me!”

Also, the bits of the “debate” I heard were refreshingly free of snarled threats of scorched earth if the Democrats manage, against all odds, to carve out a filibuster exception for legislation protecting the right to vote.

And while I’m thinking about it, you know what? Send out a national ID card to every registered voter, which can be turned into a photo ID at any government office, and let it be presented at the polls when we vote, if that’s what it takes. End of fucking debate, defenders of the Confederacy.

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