Sarah Lazarus said it all today

In her excellent Crooked Media daily newsletter (which you can get emailed to you for free) Sarah serves up an intelligent, witty summary of, and commentary on, the day’s news. Here is her unbeatable recap of yesterday’s news:

So, to recap: The filibuster and GOP gerrymandering prevent Democrats from getting legislation passed in Congress, and two lunkheads prevent them from changing the rules to fix that. Then, when a Democratic president tries to govern around a paralyzed Senate, a handful of conservative justices (appointed by Republican presidents who lost the popular vote and confirmed by Republican senators who ditched the filibuster to do so) invalidate the White House’s authority, saying that Congress needs to pass legislation. By the end of that loop, all voters get out of a Democratic trifecta is a presidential statement asking business leaders to please just do the right thing. 

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