Strong Medicine

Hard-hitting 44 second video From the Republican Accountability Project, a group of Republicans for democracy. Several will no doubt work for for the Liz Cheney for President campaign in 2024. Their message couldn’t be clearer for 2022. Or more welcome.

Strong Medicine for a deadly, highly contagious disease, American fascism.

This ad is apparently eleven months old, (it has less than 70,000 views on youTube). They are currently running it as an ad on FOX, during Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Fox and Friends. Good luck convincing the Trump death cult that these are not all fake clips manipulated by vicious commies, but, more power to the Republican Accountability Project. More timely now than when they created it right after the riot at the Capitol.

“You fucking did this!” is what Liz Cheney snarled at Jim Jordan, pushing him away as he tried to take her arm as they fled from MAGA rioters sacking the Capitol.

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