Crowd size and a stirring video call to action

If this many of his base had attended his inauguration, Trumpie wouldn’t have had to make Sean Spicer lie to reporters/everyone about the enormous size of his manly crowd:

Here’s the stirring two minute American carnage porn video the crowd was shown, narrated by Trump, scored with heroic rap music, since gangbangers like Kanye love the gold-plated Boss, right before the great man himself took the stage to exhort the crowd, resulting in thousands of energized patriots surging down to the Capitol to fight like hell to Stop the Steal, kick police ass and take names, give courage to, or kill, hesitant Republican elected officials like the cowardly Vice President.

Bearing in mind that provable facts no longer matter to the Trump 39%, here’s fascism historian Jason Stanley on the echoes of Nazi propaganda on January 6th, right before the “violent terrorist attack” that Lyin’ Ted apologized for calling the peaceful protest to save democracy. Stanley’s powerful, informative essay putting the two minute call to arms in chilling historical context is called “Movie at the Ellipse a Study in Fascist Propaganda”. It sure enough was.

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