Nice assist to the antivax movement, Grey Lady

My doctor friend, who encounters Covid daily in her practice, told me a fully vaccinated person who gets symptomatic Omicron suffers a bad cold for two or three days. The unvaccinated who get infected often go to the hospital, some die.

Why is there any “vaccine hesitancy” if a vaccine is the difference between contracting a bad cold and days on a respirator and possible death? Why isn’t this the media and government’s constant message to overcome hesitancy?

Grey Lady to the rescue today:

The subheading drives it home:

The island had a 4,600 percent increase in cases in recent weeks after mounting one of the nation’s most successful vaccination campaigns.

The article describes how a huge, seemingly maskless audience, 60,000 strong, triggered a massive surge, during weeks of partying on the island with low Covid rates where 75% were fully vaccinated, proving, as the headline suggests, that the vaccine don’t mean shit.

All the news that’s fit to print.

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