Nothing to See HERE

Jeeze, Louise…

Tea Party Congressman turned final Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows handed over a trove of documents, 9.000 pages, then, on the day his lawyers chose for him to speak to the January 6 Committee (the day his book came out), he suddenly cited Bill Barr’s absolute, blanket, protective privilege for anything relating to his boss, Mr. Trump. In spite of the fact that Trump, the arguable owner of executive privilege, had not invoked the fabulous Barr-created absolute privilege in relation to Meadows. In fairness to Meadows, Trump was furious at Meadows betraying him in the book. It is hard to imagine the terror that Mr. Trump’s rage produces in his loyalists.

Several of Rupert Murdoch’s top FOX news entertainers, including Laura Ingraham and Trump-confidante Sean Hannity, texted Meadows during the 187 minutes when Trump was riveted to live coverage of his riot, urging him to get Trump to make it stop, telling him Trump was destroying his brilliant legacy. Don Jr. also texted Meadows, urging him to get his father to call this shit off.

“He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP,” Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows as the attack was underway.

FOX, who took a much different public position on the totally innocent protest on January 6, did not cover last night’s hearing of the January 6 Committee where the case for Meadows’ contempt of Congress was voted on, neither did OANN or Newsmax, nor did der Sturmer, for that matter.

Here is Mehdi Hassan, covering the revelation of the unprivileged texts Meadows has decided he will answer no questions about, until the courts eventually rule on the issue of Bill Barr’s absolute blanket privilege against anything that could compromise the prospects of his master, Mr. Trump. Check out Liz Cheney.

Jeeze, Louise…

Here’s the two minute version, featuring Liz Cheney’s reading of the texts, vs. what FOX hosts told their viewers on the Fair and Balanced Network:

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