Nothing ominous here

Just because ultra-nationalist Steve Bannon’s body guard (and everyone surrendering for arrest in a nonviolent crime is entitled to a body guard) is dressed as an ISIS fighter is no reason to get excited. It’s the mercenary’s right as an American to dress however the hell he wants. See First and Second Amendments.

Stephen K. Bannon, former adviser to Donald Trump, arrives at the FBI’s Washington field office to turn himself in to federal authorities
(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Bannon, by the way, is reportedly worth $55,000,000. If his legal defense against hard to refute charges of Contempt of Congress costs him $1,000,000, you’d expect Bannon to brush that sum aside, a small price to pay for the public performance of valor, steadfastness and the ability to look Destiny in the eye without blinking.

Plus, Bannon will likely be able to raise that sum from the generous MAGA suckers Trump already pardoned him for fleecing (allegedly fleecing — alleged by traitor Bill Barr’s partisan anti-Trump DOJ who arrested and criminally indicted Sloppy Steve).

Fortunately for people like Bannon, there are always billionaire’s yachts, in international waters, where a committed, disciplined, history-studying man-of-the-people, white nationalist can unwind and formulate the next part of his evolving long term battle plan.

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