Chilling Halloween timeline of Dems heroic fight to save democracy

After Joe Biden won the 2020 election Trump and his closest allies went into maniacal overdrive to overturn the results. He had no reason to believe he couldn’t keep himself in power.

As president he’d used the powers of his office to obstruct justice for four years, and if he could obstruct it just a little more, he believed, he could remain president in spite of the sizable majority that voted against him. He had no reason to doubt this, based on his many triumphs over accountability during his long life. He has, literally, never been held accountable for any mistake, let alone crime, why should a lost election be any different?

Glenn Kirschner laid it out so clearly the other day when he was asked about Jeffery Clark, the DOJ bureaucrat who stepped forward to advance Trump’s fraudulent claim about a stolen election in the swing states where Trump hoped to disqualify electors so the House, where Republicans, the minority party, were winners in a straight majority count, two votes per state, under the weird system for deciding on a deadlocked election. Jeffery Clark (American Eichmann) wrote a letter to Georgia that Trump was trying to get the AG who took over after Barr fled to sign, days before the MAGA riot to stop the final certification of Biden’s win. The idea was to claim there was a dispute in the Electors in every swing state Trump lost and throw the decision to the House. Here’s Kirschner:

Jefferey Clark was a willing co-conspirator with Donald Trump when Donald Trump said “look, I know there was no fraud, just say there was fraud and leave the rest to me and my sycophants in Congress.” Jefferey Clark said “I got you, boss, let me draft a memo to the states like Georgia to try to corruptly overturn the election.”

There’s a conspiracy in the harsh light of day, give me three hours in front of a DC jury, I’ll prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.


The rest of the seditious conspiracy [1] funded by a group who kicked in $50,000,000 in dark money to promote the lie that Trump’s landslide victory had been stolen by a bipartisan, international cabal of radical Democrats, traitor GOP officials, traitor Trump-appointed judges, dead voters, cheating Blacks, Muslims, Socialists, Illegals, George Soros, the Clintons, the dead former president of Venezuela, and many, many other highly nefarious characters.

While fifty million was spent on advertising the lie about the stolen election, there was another 3.5 million dollars for the organizers of the January 6 Stop the Steal Event at the Ellipse. The date was chosen because it was the last possible moment to block Biden becoming the president. They had no permit for any kind of march that day. Some of these organizers are cooperating with the House January 6 Commission (and hopefully also the DOJ) and at least one contends she had no idea a march to the Capitol, let alone a forcible invasion to stop a joint session of Congress, was part of the plan. She was well-paid, presumably, to get the permit for the Stop the Steal gathering at the Ellipse, publicize it and organize things for the passionate, animated speakers, including one in body armor, to whip up the crowd before Trump stepped up to address his fans from behind bulletproof glass [2].

The Democrats, the party whose leadership decided during the primaries that in spite of the vast popularity of his ideas for fundamental reform, and his string of victories in Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders would be replaced as the presidential candidate by moderate master of compromise Joe Biden. The party fell in behind this plan, Biden won by more than seven million votes.

Now Democrats, led by President Biden, are quickly and forcefully responding to a violent assault on American democracy, after Trump’s expensive ad campaign promoting a lie including the Communist plan to steal the 2020 election and the rest of Trump’s fight to the death against the hellish conspiracy revealed, with great coyness, by someone named Q (who has gone silent now for many months). They are planning to carefully think about many ways to combat the pugnacious real-time obstruction of the investigation into the MAGA riot on January 6..

Here is a snapshot of the bold actions being taken by the party of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer et al in the immediate defense of our democracy.

Makes you wonder if they’d all be acting the same way if the MAGA rioters had actually put violent hands on Leader Pelosi and others they taunted and threatened on that dark day in January 2021 when an insane president, not accepting the will of the voters, sent an enraged mob down to stop business in the Capitol, with a large contingent of GOP lawmakers fully embracing his Big Lie and voting to contest the certified election results in numerous states.

[1] Seditious Conspiracy

[2] from a January 5th news report

The president tweeted Tuesday evening that he would be speaking at the Save America Rally on the Ellipse at 11 a.m.

Several pre-event rallies took place Tuesday, and DC Police said two arrests were made during the first day of demonstrations (as of the afternoon). Charges included carrying a pistol and rifle without a license, possession of high capacity feeding device, unregistered ammunition and firearms, no permit while driving an unauthorized van and possession of illegal fireworks  

Attendees rallying on Wednesday are holding the first amendment rally, “to demand transparency and protect election integrity” on the same day Congress is set to officially approve the 2020 election results. This event comes after President Trump warned via Twitter that there would be a “very big” and “wild” protest on Jan. 6 after he refuses to concede due to unfounded allegations of election fraud. 

I will be speaking at the SAVE AMERICA RALLY tomorrow on the Ellipse at 11AM Eastern. Arrive early — doors open at 7AM Eastern. BIG CROWDS!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 5, 2021

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