Bullying bullies bullying

Speaking of bully politics , I watched Josh Hawley snarling at mild-mannered Attorney General Merrick Garland Wednesday, as did fellow insurrectionists Lyin’ Ted and Tom Cotton and, in a gentler way, the folksy, 88 year-old gentleman conservative from Iowa, ancient Chuck Grassley, laying on the lash as Garland sat for more than four hours being grilled in front of a senate committee.

The Trumpists were pummelling Garland about a memo he sent to local DOJ offices advising them to work closely with local law enforcement to protect school board members against threats of violence.

The Trumpists find this memo offensive and despicably partisan, as it clearly applies only to passionate Trump voters, who are styled “domestic terrorists” if they so much as express their First and Second Amendment rights at school board meetings and some scared little cucks feel threatened.   The partisan memo, they made clear, is grounds for Garland’s removal as A.G.  

The rightwing echo chamber contends, in one endlessly amplified voice, that this intolerable memo is as explosive an affront to America as the loathsome Hillary Clinton murders in Benghazi, something so threatening to American decency and democracy that Garland must answer for it, publicly and under oath.   The NY Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns FOX and the Wall Street Journal, chimed in: 

Today Merrick Garland’s thuggishness and partisanship show him to be unfit for the Supreme Court and he is not ethical and committed to justice as Biden’s attorney general. He should go.  

A website called welovetrump expressed a similar statement,which came up number three on the Duck Duck Go search engine about yesterday’s hearing:

Attorney General Garland Won’t Deny Under Oath that Federal Agents May Have Incited January 6th. Something interesting happened this past week. Attorney General Merrick Garland was questioned about January 6th. Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky had a straightforward question. Were federal agents present at the January 6th protest at …

Once Garland took his seat the GOP members of the committee began lustily pounding him with angry sound bytes for the right-wing echo chamber.

Tom Cotton kept calling Garland “judge” and told him, toward the end of his dressing down, that he thanks God that Garland was kept off the Supreme Court and that he thinks Garland should resign in disgrace.  Hawley was more superficially respectful, addressing Garland as General Garland, but his angry aggressiveness — in  defense of innocent parents merely expressing their understandable frustration with libtard cucks and making perfectly justifiable threats, was apparent.  He pointedly challenged Garland to call the guy on the poster behind him, the distraught father whose daughter was raped in a bathroom by a fake trans boy dressed as a girl AND WAS DRAGGED OUT OF THE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING BY SECURITY!!! a domestic terrorist [1].   

Lyin’ Ted began “For eight years under Obama the Department of Justice was politicized and weaponized.  When you came before this body during your confirmation hearing, you promised things would be different.” The four years with four Trump A.G.’s personally loyal to Trumpie, enabling their boss’s seamless obstruction of justice? Never happened, irrelevant, immaterial. How dare you?!! We’re talking about what that hateful black devil did!

Then, using his genius as a collegiate debater, Cruz forced Garland to admit that a fed up parent simply giving the Nazi salute at a school board meeting, especially if the smug, Nazi bastard deserved it, was protected expression under the First Amendment.   

I watched a GOP senator take one word from a statute — “annoy”– and focus on it to make the rest of the law Garland is intent on enforcing (to protect school board members from the physical rage of infuriated mobs) seem like liberal scolding — pricelessly sickening. 

Garland, they all agreed, owed Trump nation an apology.  Garland, who had no reason to apologize about the memo Republicans were flogging him over, acquitted himself as an earnest, mild-mannered, judicious man.   The most respectful thug ever.

The geniuses of the GOP on the Committee were on a mission unrelated to law or justice, they were busy making Benghazi-style talking points for their base (al-Q’eada, in Arabic). Roll clip three:

“This is shameful. Judge, this is shameful. This testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court. You should resign in disgrace, judge.”


Come on, wrestling fans, thirty words, each one a direct knee in the nuts!  Hard to improve on that one by Cotton. 

Hawley tried hard, probably got the one about pretending Garland had called the father whose daughter had been raped by an alleged fake trans boy in the girl’s bathroom a domestic terrorist in a playable byte for OANN, Breitbart, Der Sturmer, FOX, etc.

Lyin’ Ted got in a killer shot by making the Jewish jurist admit that a disgruntled guy at a schoolboard meeting who gives some smug putz the Nazi salute is exercising his First Amendment right of free expression, something the Department of Justice is sworn to protect. Garland acknowledged that simply giving the Nazi salute is indeed expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.

But what was your larger point, Lyin’ Ted, in making the Jewish A.G. tell America that he protects a Nazi’s absolute right to give his party’s heil Hitler salute anywhere and any place he so chooses?

All that poor guy did was give that smug school board the good old Nazi salute, no violence just a strong, constitutionally protected expression of his opinion.

What is America coming to, these senators wanted to know, when you can’t even give the Hitler salute or fly into an understandable rage after your daughter is raped in a school bathroom, by a rapist dressed as a girl?

Garland didn’t seem to have an answer beyond repeating that the DOJ is committed to making sure angry mobs don’t carry out threatened violence against school board members for things like insisting that American history courses include an accounting of slavery, segregation and violent mobs who attack and kill people they hate and never face justice.

The seething hostility of these Big Lie embracing partisans, one after another, is so reminiscent of Nazi judges and prosecutors barking dismissively at defendants during the Thousand Year Reich. They certainly deserve a big old Nazi salute!

Happy Halloween!

[1] Cotton also, inaccurately, said the high school girl

“was raped in a bathroom by a boy wearing girls’ clothes and the Loudoun County School Board covered it up because it would interfere with their transgender policy during pride month.”

The Right’s Big Lie About a Sexual Assault in Virginia https://nyti.ms/3nHQvqh

The true story of that girl’s rape in a school bathroom is more complicated and has nothing to do with gay pride or liberals on school boards.

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