How much of the $50,000,000 Stop the Steal ad buy did Zuckerberg keep?

As Facebook fights the increasing evidence that it prioritizes profit for its billionaire owner over everything else, I wonder why nobody is asking how much of Trump’s $50,000,000 mostly internet ad buy to promote his Big Lie about a stolen election went directly to Mr. Zuckerberg?   

How much did Facebook make, directly, from selling ads promoting Trump’s Big Lie?

It’s a wonder to me that the $50,000,000 ad buy is not more in the public mind. $50 000,000 is a mind blowing sum to spend selling any product.

Then, consider, it was $50,000,000 in dark money raised in the weeks leading up to Trump’s second impeachment, when it looked like the madman was poised to do something even more desperate than send a mob down to stop Congress and lynch his vice president after the VP was warned by conservatives with gravitss to stay away from open sedition.

They raised and spent $50,000,000 to promote a lie that fueled the rage of a mob that attacked and battled police, breached all fortifications and stormed the Capitol, forcing Congress to be evacuated, as it was certifying Biden’s victory.

How much did Mark, a man not yet forty, worth well north of $100,000,000,000, personally pocket off of Trump’s $50,000,000 mostly internet ad buy?

It’s a fair question, no?

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