Corporate Media finally not mincing words, eight months later…

I don’t know why this sort of straightforward piece of reporting was not done in January, or February, when it was well known that Trump and his surrogates had made numerous public and private attempts to coerce state officials to change vote tallies, before finally inciting a deadly riot to try to #Stop the Steal. It is now clear, from Barr and his successor as AG, that Trump knew he was lying about the rigged, stolen election, as Barr had been when he claimed, over and over, without any evidence at all (the evidence points to the extreme, statistically insignificant rarity of US voter fraud) that it was “obvious’ mail-in voting was open to “massive” fraud, as Trump mega-donor Postmaster Looey DeJoy slowed the mail to a crawl by dismantling mail sorting machines ahead of the pandemic election of 2020. Can you say Seditious Conspiracy?

I know it’s a cardinal rule of corporate media to avoid conflict that could lead to alienating sponsors. A supremely unfortunate bottom-line rule when it comes to news reporting, because instead of real-time action against outrages against us all, we have a sort of long, polite, deliberative, institutional pause (as right wing radicals continue to scheme and act), followed by a historical recap that, nine months or a year later, might as well pertain to the Byzantine Empire as far as the average American is concerned. But the other day we finally had this:

Former President Trump and his inner circle were using all the powers of the presidential office to wage a high-pressure campaign, CNN’s Drew Griffin reports — not to stop the steal but to start it.

you can see and hear the well-known details here, which includes the rare editorial use of “lying” for “knowingly false” “misleading” “incorrect” and all the other euphemisms that corporate media employs to avoid ascribing intent to the actions of allegedly criminal pieces of shit:

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