Greed, intolerance and endless rage

Of course the Trump RNC is threatening to sue Biden for using his power to try to stop surging COVID-19 by getting more of the 80,000,000 reluctant Americans vaccinated (hello Sidney Powell). Vaccines, masks and other health precautions have been weaponized by the malignant Orange Polyp in the course of his ordinary duties as the 45th president.

Recall that the RNC had a single plank in their 2020 party platform: support whatever Trump says. They,’ve kept that promise, big time.

The Trump RNC represents the lowest impulses of humanity: greed, intolerance and limitless rage (also smug entitlement to privilege). And they’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie!

Lying in the service of truth is no vice when your enemies rape children and drink their blood, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater.

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