Nazi minority/majority never fails to deliver

Like-minded, extremely conservative inheritors of intergenerational wealth don’t need to meet secretly in dark rooms, (though they also do that), to advance their common schemes. Not a criminal conspiracy in the strict legal sense, but a commonality of interests that leads them to act as one to advance identical goals.

Their useful idiot Trump is not a player of three-dimensional chess or even checkers, he’s an angry member of their exclusive, entitled club, which runs on imagined grievance as it plays to the passion of millions of enraged grievants on the ground.

We now have three new carefully vetted extremist Supreme Court Justices, appointed by a twice impeached president who sought and accepted the help of Vladimir Putin, after his party abolished the filibuster to push three judicial extremists, none of whom got close to 60 votes (Gorsuch led them with a robust 54 ayes). His side is set up to win every ideologically driven case 6-3, or at worst 5-4. Give ’em this, Nazis never sleep, and, though likely to commit suicide when it all turns to shit, they’re bold.

Texas, the hang ’em high state, has just given vigilantes a win-win bounty to turn in anybody who might be thinking of helping someone get an abortion still legal under Roe v. Wade. This newly deputuzed army of religious zealot Christian Soldier bounty hunters are free, in Texas, to carry guns they no longer need permits for. Five unappealable Nazis give the temporary thumbs up to the administratively innovative Texas scheme. What could go wrong?

Corporate Democrats, who carefully weigh every action while studying the polls and consulting their most generous donors, are capable of spending months thinking about and debating their timid counter-actions, for example whether they have an absolute right to investigate a bloody riot at the Capitol designed to overturn the 2020 election, or protect the right to vote, or whether the Constitution will allow the creation of five more seats on the Supreme Court to restore a semblance of credibility to our highest court (spoiler, it will). Nazis, on the other hand, do not hesitate, they follow their shock troops into the breach.

How about we open a bunch of federal abortion clinics in Texas, deputize Texas doctors to provide abortions legal under federal law (credit to Elie Mystal) until the lower federal court can rule on this creatively unconstitutional new lynch mob law? Too radical? Will it make violent Nazis too angry? Why not find out, in the name of protecting the rights of our most vulnerable?

Good analysis of our out of control, radical 6-3 Federalist Society Supreme Court, by Jamelle Bouie:

In the Dead of Night, the Supreme Court Proved It Has Too Much Power

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