A good start, although grossly belated and susceptible to eternal additional delay

The news broke the other day that the House Select Committee on Trump’s January 6 MAGA riot (he owns it, no matter what spin you put on it, its purpose was to extra-legally keep him in power based on a lie, Trump organized it, publicized it, incited it, walked down to the Capitol with his private army…) is finally casting a wide net to learn how many people were involved in the planning and execution of this premeditated attack on constitutional government in the United States.

Me, personally, I’d have convened this Select Committee on February 1, after the GOP came together as a bloc to disappear and defend the January 6 MAGA riot. The long delay in getting a serious investigation started is deadly to the case, at least to the diehard 39%, since most Americans of all political persuasions view the events of nine months ago as irrelevant ancient history.

The clock is also ticking on that razor thin Congressional majority. The replacement for anti-filibuster reform senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca), 88, for example, will be appointed by Gavin Newsom’s replacement as California governor, if anything happens to her, as the GOP exploits the odd Recall Law in that state to once again replace a Democratic governor, this one elected with a more than 60% majority. Any of the forty-six assorted clowns running to replace him will get to be governor if recall gets 51% of the votes and they get more votes than the others.

Still, this step toward accountability and truth by the January 6 Select Committee qualifies as good news. The list of people whose records are sought is exhaustive, as it should be. Here’s a sliver of the hundreds of Trump-related people whose phone and online information from the days leading up to, and including, January 6 have been requested:

It’s fairly clear that many of these people had knowledge of, or were directly involved, in perpetrating or trying to stop (as Jared and Ivanka both claimed they were doing on January 6th) the MAGA riot at the Capitol. It’s also fairly clear that many of these people will fight to the death in court, as Trump and his ilk ALWAYS do, to delay the release of this politically poisonous information for as long as possible. Their legal fees will be paid by obscenely wealthy Nazis who will arrange to make these fees tax deductible donations to apolitical non-profit corporations.

Congressional subpoenas are no longer viewed, on the right (since Barr had Trump assert the blanket preemptive privilege that the Bagpiper pulled out of his ample, crusty ass), as legal commands to appear, backed by the ability to enforce them by sending the Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest you for contempt, but as partisan political tools deployed simply to harass and embarrass political enemies. The ability to drag out legal proceedings for years to block legitimate investigations into areas of vital public concern demonstrates the urgent need for former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner’s Interbranch Dispute Resolution Court. Two weeks, issue fully argued and decided — obey the fucking subpoena. Until we have this court, we’re as fucked as a nation that no longer has an enforceable Voting Rights Act that can guarantee the constitutional right to vote to all citizens.

As Democrats deliberate and try to do the right thing in a political system under sustained attack by literal fascists (first a polite request, then, two weeks later, a subpoena, then a long court battle) Trumpists are busy all day, every day, stirring the shit pot, passing new voter restriction laws, laws restricting the teaching of historical events that would make White Christian children feel bad, promulgating new anti-vaccine and anti-masking rules and blaming Biden for the chaos in Afghanistan and the massive surge in hospitalizations and deaths from the Trump variant.

One of the fiercest defenders of Trump’s “landslide victory” over Joe Biden has recently called for Kamala Harris to invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment to remove the mentally incompetent Biden from his illegitimate office. Madison Cawthorn is the name of this freshman Congressman and sophomore piece of shit. See, it’s all just partisanship, showmanship, brinksmanship! GO TEAM!

The Roger Stone-Donald Trump controversy explained | Roger Stone | The  Guardian
Seig Heil, baby!

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