Hot Enough for ya?

These three stories were at the top of Saturday’s NY Times. The wealthy world is now also officially at risk from extreme weather, the Arctic is on fire and there is, we learn, a great demand for “water witches” who can locate ground water by divination.

Talk about doom scrolling, I hadn’t even scanned down to the explicitly political news about our nation’s widespread belief in a cabal of powerful Satanist pedophile cannibals in Hollywood and the Deep State and an insane former president poised to become Speaker of the House in 2022 (did you know the fucker does not even have to be a member of Congress to become Speaker, if his party drafts him in a majority vote? [1]) as Biden dithers with commissions to advise him about things that should already have been done (unpacking an ideologically stacked Supreme Court, prosecuting the organizers and inciters of the January 6 MAGA riot and the defenders of that riot) and makes powerful idealistic speeches attempting to touch the closed hearts of extremists bent on destroying him [2].

Oh, Speaker Trump’s first order of business (or he may simply keep his hand up Kevin McCarthy’s ass and have Kevin do it), once new districts are gerrymandered by state Republicans, creating new guaranteed seats, and the margin of victory for Democrats is suppressed by new laws made to combat fraud that never happened, and his party retakes the House in 2022? Impeach Biden and Harris (Speaker of the House is Number 3 in line, if president and vice president cannot serve — and don’t forget the precedent — facts don’t matter, proof don’t mean shit, impeachment is purely political). A maniacal plan, sure, but no crazier than an armed attack on the Capitol to stop the ceremonial final certification of votes that had been counted, recounted and certified by all states. No crazier than the continual denial of that riot we all saw many videos of.

But back to more reasonable news, news we can actually deal with before we all simply evaporate in unbearable heat. The earth’s climate is warming. It is largely caused by human pollution, as demonstrated during the early days of the pandemic lockdown, when few cars were driving anywhere and the air quality over large cities immediately began improving. Less carbon dioxide (and associated toxic gases and particles from the burning of fossil fuel) going into the atmosphere is better for breathing and essential for slowing the steady rise of global air and ocean temperatures, global warming. Global warming, of course, fuels droughts, floods, killer storms and so forth.

Not to be a slave to “cause and effect”, but this quick lessening of poison in the air while a few hundred million cars stayed parked strongly suggests there are things humans can do to help save the planet from the activities of other, very powerful humans.

Nothing to worry about, really, if you listen to those who profit most from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. These are merely sensationalistic headlines calculated to alarm people and distract them from the real agenda of eco-terrorism: to kill free enterprise and initiate American communism. It sure is convenient to blame the drowning deaths of twelve old people in a German nursing home (in a flood, whose fault is that?) on the industry that is literally making the world go round.

Check these three headlines out, from further down the NY Times home page, with the photo calculated to cause terror (the first is a repeat, about the wealthy also being in danger from climate catastrophe), making a big deal about natural occurrences that God Himself has caused:

Is this the only nation credulous enough to believe any repeated lie, no matter how many times it is directly contradicted by our own eyes, ears, experience, if it feeds into our suspicion that fucking bastards that we hate are getting over on us?


As the Constitution does not explicitly state that the speaker must be an incumbent member of the House, it is permissible for representatives to vote for someone who is not a member of the House at the time, and non-members have received a few votes in various speaker elections over the past several years.



Events are beginning to confirm the reasons so many of us were sickened when the leading Democratic presidential candidate was replaced, pursuant to the decision of Democratic party leaders and supported by several presidential candidates who all dropped out the same day and threw their support to Biden. Biden, who trailed in all polls and had won no primaries, was suddenly inserted as the presidential candidate we’d all hold our noses and vote for to get rid of the Orange Polyp.

“Moderates” like Biden are not the kind of leaders we need to face down an ongoing, organized, well-financed threat to democracy. They are by nature compromisers, the perfect foils for determined extremists on the other side. “Centrists” cave when things get too hot, looking to keep things pretty much the way they are while striving to change a few things that are really, really unjust. And while they deliberate, desperate men and women of action put their lives (or, more usually, other people’s lives) on the line to make sure those judicious deliberations don’t mean shit.

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